"Supplier for Automotive Industry Seat fabrics in various manufacturing technologies"

From Development Of An Idea. To Themes. To Fabric Concepts.To Prototypes. To Running Production...

Auto Fabric

The auto fabric journey began in 1993 and since then the enterprise has been successfully striving to trail blaze the auto fabric developments for car interiors in India. Today SIL is vertically integrated set up for development and manufacturing of exceptional quality, superior styled fabrics for car and Public transportation mediums. Sequence of integration evolved as under:

1989 First Commercial Production, Mouquette
1990 Commercial Production Finishing Plant
1993 Weaving Expansion-Flat woven Fabrics
1994 Yarn Manufacturing
1996 Cut & Sew (Garments & Home Textiles)
1999 Weaving
1999 Yarn Dyeing
2001 Lamination Plant

With established development, production, supply systems, networks, stable staff of committed Car enthusiasts the SIL Auto division is more an automobile operation than a Textile operation. Everyone at SIL fully understands that the OEM business clock has only minute hands. The equipment used is from best machinery suppliers from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Japan.

The organization possesses several strengths. Key ones are

  1. Integrated supply chain, skilled labor and quality consciousness
  2. Designing skills
  3. Technology adaptation
  4. Diversity - textile heritage and design variety

The element of especially designing and product development skills has been the key strength for the recognition and establishment of organization as pioneers in many product ranges of its product ambit.

We strive to excel and serve you better.